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The Otis Sand Shetland Wool Dog Collar


Classic and elegant, The Otis Sand Shetland Wool Dog Collar has timeless style that embraces leather craft. 

It is perfectly tailored for a stylish every day look. Shades of grey, mustard and dusky beige make the Shetland wool handle a chic choice, which perfectly compliments the finest Italian leather from Tuscany. The leather will relax and soften with age and use, enhancing the natural characteristics.

Made in England by a fine Leathersmith.


Size Measurements Breed Size examples
Tiny 8 -11" Miniature Dachshunds/Puppies/Chihuahuas
Small 12 - 14"  Cavaliers/Jack Russells/Small Terriers
Medium 14 - 18" Dalmatians/Schnauzers/Cocker Spaniels/Large Terriers/Springer Spaniels/Vizslas
Large 18- 22" GreatDane/Labrador/Mastiff

We suggest measuring your dog before placing an order.

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